Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bead Soup, the Book!

I was so excited to find one of the “Bead Soup Enclosed” envelopes in my mailbox! In celebration of Lori Anderson's new book Bead Soup. I was even more excited when I saw the bead soup inside. I couldn’t have gotten anything more perfect. Safire Rose Beads and Things sent a very generous soup. They sent beads that let me go any way I wanted to go. Seed beads and stringing wire, crimps, crimp covers, gem stones, Swarovski crystals, two different clasps, chain and more. Isn’t this just wonderful?

This was also great because it is in gunmetal, and both of my girls love gunmetal. Safire Rose also sent three of the juiciest focals ever! They were faceted hematite-like pieces that were made to go together with fittings on the back. You can see the backs in this picture. 

Obviously they are meant to connect. As soon as I saw this I thought Middle Ages and pearls. I thought draped tiers. I felt that while the large chain was great, some smaller chain would be nice, so I bought two other weights to go with it. The first part of the necklace almost made itself. It's the part with the large focals and the chain. I still wanted to add in some pearls, and I felt it needed something delicate. I also wanted to incorporate those beautiful gem stone bits.

I had my daughter try it on and then began to make the linked necklace, trying it on her several times for length. The small magnetic clasp is perfect for this necklace, as it mimics the gem stones, and almost disappears into the necklace. It also allows me to use some of the hematite for sparkle. While technically it's two necklaces, I think it works best together. I consider this necklace a huge success because not only do I love it, my teenager thinks it’s cool and says she would wear it, and she’s very picky.