Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Helping Hands in the Garden

This year I've suffered from an old hand injury. I suggested cutting back on the garden, but there was a huge outcry from the masses. Instead I was offered help. I've always had help planting, which entails opening the beds, and that much-hated activity...weeding. Well, it's hated by most, but I find it very cathartic, peaceful and relaxing. Still, right now I am limited in the amount of weeding I am able to do. This year, however I had help without complaint; not one moan, groan or even one huffy breath! In fact, I would even say they helped me gladly. Certainly, the dogs were happy to be out in the garden once more. That is, however, after Bandit got her toy out of the tree.
 The world would of course stop if Bandit didn’t have a toy to play with. Just like our last two dogs, Browser and Bandit also seem to like the garden. Bandit was walking through the beds. It’s not that she’s not smart enough to stay out of them, it’s just that she’s sort of a clod. Things weren’t totally critical at this stage, so we just tried to reinforce not walking in the beds, and keeping to the grass paths. 
 We took planting a bed at a time, and while we didn’t get it all done right away, Mr. Chocolate and I were able to finish up over a week and the following weekend. Here is the result after about a week after the first round of planting. 
 This is the result just a couple weeks later.
 This ended up being a wonderful salad. YUM!

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Copper Diem said...

I am so jealous of your gorgeous garden beds!!!