Monday, April 16, 2012

Face Lift

This blog is getting a face lift and adding beading to the mix. Of course I will be including shots of the garden just because I have to. I will be sharing my learning experiences about photographing and blogging the beading, so if anyone has any helpful comments I would appreciate them. I have been following the Bead Soup Blog Hop for a couple of years now, and that has inspired me. I have learned several things along the way. 1) I hate black backgrounds. They seem to make it very difficult for me to view and read, thus I tend to skip over them. 2) I love when you can click on a picture and make it larger. This makes it easier for me to see things. 3) I find poor photos very distracting. They make it very difficult to see things. Notice a trend here? I want to be able to SEE things, and I want you to be able to SEE things. This is what has held me back until now. I have been intimidated by the great shots that others take of their jewelry, and I’m not sure my photography is up to snuff. Still, as several people have said, you have to just DO IT! So, without further delay, here we go!

My recent bead show hauls were so exciting, I just have to share. Everyone likes a little vicarious bead shopping, don’t they? These clasps are from Elka Designs. They are so fun! They are pewter, brass and copper. I didn’t buy them ALL this time, I just bought MORE. Jolanta is one of those great people who is in love with beads, so it’s absolutely impossible to resist her stuff. 
The copper and brass bead caps just sang to me. They almost walked into my hand. After I brought them home I found I don’t even own a bead large enough to fit them! My daughter reminded me that I came back to them half a dozen times, and said I would eventually find a bead to go with them. Some of the copper with green patina beads have already been used. The silver tab beads are destined for another of what my kids call my “Chief Mom” necklaces. They are very tribal in nature. They are big, and pretty showy.
The one above is one of the two I’ve made. I love the naga shell beads in their raw form. I chose the blues because they go great with denim.

Then there was the Beadroom. Yum! Laura is one of those rare vendors that actually has a GREAT web site. Treat yourself to a look because a picture of tubes just doesn’t do the beads justice. She has a great selection of Czech glass. I especially liked the peanut beads. I couldn’t resist those little daisy beads.  My first tila beads are in an iris finish. Of course in my house iris finish is known as Dragonfly Beads. *Big Smile* And that folks, is a story for another time.


Creative Moon said...

Great first blog post! I love those seed beads!!! I will have to check out her shop because I am in serious need of some purple!!! And I love Iris beads!!! =)

Pretty Things said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!!!

Copper Diem said...

Those are all great finds!