Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Bead Shopping

I'm not even going to blush when I say that the last post wasn't the whole of my purchases from the last two bead shows. I also hit the pearls hardcore. The first purchase was made from JC Pearls. I buy from them often; they are my favorites when it comes to pearls. The keshi pearls are for a specific necklace. The small pearls are for stitching and are very tiny. I'm going to need some very good light when using them! 

The next photo is what I call "drive by" purchases. I got them at various places, none of which I really knew. The silver discs are silver plated, and should be fun to use. The small blue pearls I hope to use in a bracelet.

And finally, Theodoras Beads. Oh, the beady decadence! I used to think of myself as conservative, but one look at these beauties and any thought of moderation goes out the window! I am already in the process of beading around one of the green ovals. I'm not sure you can have too many of these.
Finally, there is the class I took at one of the bead shows from Karen Thomas of The Queen's Beads. I had seen so many stitched beads on the Bead Soup Blog Hops, and wanted to know HOW they were done. I just had to find out. Karen insisted it wasn't as hard as it looked. I was skeptical. She was right! This was my first ever class for stitching with beads, and Karen was a great teacher. It was so much fun, and I am hooked! I actually finished this pendant in the four hour class.


Copper Diem said...

Those are all gorgeous! I especially love the pearl colors!

Lori Anderson said...

Drive-by purchases are sometimes the best ones!

Ginger Bishop said...

That is a great beaded cab! I love the colors of your purchases as well.