Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wildlife Run Amuck

My efforts to make this a food blog pretty much went splat on the pavement. I realized my life is too full of other stuff that motivates me to write, so I am officially diversifying.

For example…Wildlife. I have an extremely weird history with wildlife. I love it, but once in a while it seems to intersect my life in a very weird way. First there was the Rambo grackle in Arizona. Then there was the $485 raccoon family. Now we have the deranged robin.

This robin decided to make a nest in our grape-vine pergola, which happens to be over the porch swing we use all of the time in the summer. Now bird nests don’t normally bother me, in fact, it’s sort of nice that the birds like our yard. And what bird wouldn’t? We have a myriad of flowers and other plants that draw in the bees and other insects, making for a virtual bird smorgasbord. We have the bird feeder that Mr. Chocolate keeps full. And we even have the pool and two near-by ponds for water sources. We also have a fountain that some birds mistake for a bird bath. We don’t have cats. What’s not to like? One year we peacefully co-existed with thirteen bird nests. Still, there are some things that just don’t rock my world. One is having a bird poop on my head. So when this nutso bird decided to build a nest right over my porch swing? Um…no. Just no. A dove did build a nest in the pergola almost over the table, but she laid two eggs in it before we saw it. She was also particularly neat while making her nest. Not the deranged robin. SHE made this nest, and you couldn’t miss it due to the pile of mud and dead grass and other gunk under the construction zone. Mr. Chocolate checked the nest, found it empty, and removed it. End of story, right? WRONG! She build another one! In one day! So…we removed that one. End of story, right? Um…no. NOW the bird is pissed. And she’s attacking my kitchen window. There are muddy marks all over this window, in about a two foot by three foot area. I stuck up some little suction cup nic-nacks because I thought maybe she was trying to get into the house. No. She’s just randomly flying at our window and making slamming noises against it. And the result? Nest number three. No kidding. How hard is it to pick another tree? There are TONS of them in and outside of my yard. But no…this robin is intend on making my pergola a duplex. If we allow this what’s to stop it from becoming a full-fledged bird high-rise? I’m sorry but it’s just not happening.

So how do we stop Mother Nature from crapping on our heads? I have no idea. If you do, please, let me know.