Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall is on it's way

It feels like an early fall, so I am rushing trying to put up what I can before it turns really cold. This is the first year for these raspberries, and I didn't think they would produce very much, but they have. It was a nice surprise.
Early September 008
Mid September 002
The grapes are ready too. My first batch of jelly was white grape/raspberry. It turned out to be a nice combination.
Mid September 008
I made juice from the concord grapes today. I should have enough for at least three batches of grape jelly. I am trying the universal pectin, and learning how to use it has been trial and error. One batch of jelly came out a syrup consistency, but since we sometimes melt the jelly anyway to put on pancakes, I am just going to label it syrup. Because I am making low-sugar versions, the jelly isn't crystal clear like you see in the stores. I would rather have a more fruitful jelly and settle for the more opaque jelly. It seems the more sugar you add, the less flavor there is. This jelly is pure flavor.

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